Bright Eyes cataract treatment - Guarantee

We guarantee all the products we supply are produced in compliance with strict pharmaceutical rules and conditions and there are no known adverse side-effects or contraindications from using any of them.

A fairly well established Cataract can take six boxes to produce the desired results and over the years the success rate of our product for dissolving a Cataract seems to be considerably higher when customers have strictly adhered to the application instructions with no breaks in between, like forgetting to order the next box or waiting for a late arrival because of a postal delay, that is beyond our control.

We do believe using one box per week will genuinely give you the kind of result you desire, so much so that we are prepared to offer the following guarantee:

Guarantee With Six Box Order:

If your first purchase is six boxes of BD-MP6 (eye drops) and you follow the easy application instructions and can simply prove that there has been no improvement in your Cataract's condition, you can contact us for a returns consignment number, this will allow you to return all the empty containers and when received we will re-imburse you with 80% of the product cost of the six boxes.

This is a genuine guarantee because we believe our customers are honest and trustworthy individuals that truly care about restoring their lack of vision, bought about by a Cataract.

Disclaimer:Customers are responsible for checking with their medical professional before beginning any course of treatment. EBEP makes no guarantee that the drops cure or prevent any eye problems. The decision to use our products is the responsibility of the purchaser. However, we know that our products are of the finest quality available.

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